Project Loan Financing.

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United Arab Emirate


We are a legally registered and Licensed Investment company and we are
looking out for a viable investment projects outside UAE, we can fund
as a soft loan under our ongoing cooperate finance program at 2%
interest rate per annum without collateral.

We are mostly interested in the following sectors; Oil/Gas, Banking,
Real estate, Stock Speculation, Mining, Transportation, Hotel &
Tourism, Health Sector, Tobacco, Communication Services, Agriculture,
Forestry & Fishing, Thus any feasible sector.

SIC Project finance is the lending structure that has financed a great
many of the massive infrastructure and sovereign projects in emerging
market countries throughout the world.

If you have any viable project which requires funding, we would like
to work with you, send the business plan or any related documents via
email at; (

Warm Regards,

Customer Care Unit




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