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My sincere apology for contacting you through this form, but my
circumstances leave me with no other choice. I should introduce myself.

I’m Amelia Berman, a citizen of Australia, born on February 9, 1961. I
am a 59-years-old widow. Following my ill health, I have just been
informed by my doctor that I only have few months to live due to
cancer illness and I am about to end the race like this without a child.

I have decided to will/donate the sum of US$8,000,000 to you for the
good work of the lord, children in need, the poor and to help the
homeless. Respond with this Ref: SOULWINNING2020, so I will know you
got this. Please reply me for more details on this noble project of
mine.God bless you,

Amelia Berman