Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: larryonly@konin.lm.pl

Attn: Please,

My name is Mr. Barry Williams, I work with one of the African Security companies which I am the Deposit Department
Manager. I write to involve you in a mutual business that will benefit us and our unborn generation. There is a
deposit of US$400,000,000.00 with our company in disguised  as family values  by the late Mr. Abba kyari the
formal chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria Monhammadu Buhari who died of Corona Virus this year 2020.

Immediately, i heard and confirmed of his death, i was able to delete his deposit information from our data base
and had all related documents hidden from the notice of any of our officials for security reasons and for the
safety of this deposit while i make confiscated contact to have this fund secured out of this country without delay
by the assistance of a reliable company or individual that can solidly stand without fear to have this deposit
claimed and received as the true beneficiary for our mutual benefits. 

Why i have contacted you via email is to seek for your secret partnership to have this fund received in your favor
as the true owner because i will be able to have the deposit beneficiary reprogrammed in your name as the depositor
and owner of the fund with our company once i am satisfied to work with you in this venture.

It is important for you to note that once you are good for this business, there is 100% guarantee that his fund
will be successfully released to you without any problem because i will make sure that every legal modalities will
be in place to avoid any breach of any Governmental laws and there nothing to fear about as long as this business
is concerned with my position in place.

I need your urgent reply in this matter.

Mr.Barry Williams.