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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: adamsbetty667@yahoo.com

Dear Friend.

We would like to develop business relations with you by establishing a trust
agreement whereby you shall hold, manage, invest and distribute all assets received from us in trust and the proceeds there from, under the term of trust agreement.

I am an & Consultant to an influential politician who was a Federal Minister in the Federal Republic of Nigeria who has been able to use his status to move the sum of $50 Million from the Malibu oil fund you can visit this link for confirmation


The funds is prresently deposited in a finance firm. My client, because of his present condition cannot be physically involved in the management of this money; hence he will do this by way of proxy and fiduciary agent in order to avoid any probe by present democratic government in Nigeria.

I am requesting your assistance as trusted and reliable friend to help secure investment programs available. You should be aware that you and your associate will manage the complete process and escort our fiduciary agent through the various procedures. If the above is workable for you and your associates, I would be glad to forward our standard discretionary asset management agreement for you to look and make any necessary amendment if any. This agreement, we hope is to ensure the safety of funds and consolidate the relationship. Prior to handing over the funds to you and your associates, we hope to arrange for preliminary meeting with where the original of the agreement will be signed by you and our fiduciary agent/me.

To ensure the success of this transaction it should be handled with utmost secrecy and confidentiality
Contact me through my

Email: agentphillip6060@gmail.comg
I await your urgent response.

Best regards
Mr Phillip Norman