Dearest Beloved One,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dearest Beloved One,

I am very sorry for my late massage How are you to day and all
others members of your Family i hope all is well with you all i want
you to know that i just come out from the coma two days ago My
Doctor just informed me now that I will be undergoing a surgery by
next tomorrow and i do not know if i will succeed the surgery because
i am totally down now and for this reason, Pastor Johnson Kone who
is my Late Husband’s family Friend who visit me in the Hospital I
have pleaded with him to loan me some money in order to support you
in this transaction financially.Fortunately,he has succeeded in
obtaining a loan of $250,000 written in check by his friend a Bank
director who works in a Bank

My reason of obtaining this $250,000 for you to use it to pay for any
other fee that might occurs transferring of this ($1.800,000 000 00)
in the Bank here to you in your bank account , and secondly,i want
you to use part of this $250.000.00 to take care of your family until
you receive the original fund of ($1.800,000 000
00) successfully transfer to you in your account .Why took this new
decision is that i doubt if i will succeed the operation my next
tomorrow..I have made the agreement with him that you will pay him
back the $250.000usd as soon as your ($1.800,000 000 00) is
successfully transfer to you in your Bank account in your country.

Now I have made this new arrangement in order to avoid further delay
in transferring the fund to your account Now i decided to transfer
the $250,000 directly to you through western union money transfer
which i know will be the easiest way to receive the payment without
any stress or delay.Though there are many other medium of sending out
money,draft,parcel or check here,but i think the western union money
transfer will be better and fastest way,that is the reason why i
choose the western union money transfer. Pastor Johnson Kone went to
the western union office this morning about the transfer of the
$250,000,united state dollars to be sent to you through western union
money transfer payment: They told him that Your payment will be sent
to you by western union,$5,000 used per day until they finish sending
the $250,000 dollars to you.The minister trust funds of Benin Republic
will send you the currently standards track details you need to
pick up your ($250,000) payment by western union, According to them.

Now you are free to comply with the western union payment office on
this email address: (

kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your
payment by western Union.

contact person:Mr Bogani
western union department
Financial Bank Benin Republic ,
DIRECT LINE. +22961987800
E-mail: (

The financial western union payment center has been mandated to send
you fist the payment loan of , $5000.00 USD will be sent to you
once you contact them with the below information

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Best Regards,
Yours Beloved Sister,
Mrs Joy Williams