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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Let me start by introducing myself…
My name is Lung, a Chinese/Singaporean working as the Procurement Category
Manager in an oil company. My company is interested in purchasing crude
oil from the United Arab Emirates up to 800,000 barrels monthly for a
period of 12 months. Being the Procurement Category Manager, it is my
responsibility to oversee the contract. My purpose of contacting you is to
build a middle man structure between the buyer and the seller where all
transactions between the buyer and the seller will be done through the
middle man structure.

In case you are wondering why I need you
to execute this plan, the truth is that it is against my company’s
operational ethics for an employee to profiteer personally from business
dealings involving the company. Therefore, I need to work with someone
capable/reliable, who is outside of my personal circle to ensure that my
involvement is kept discrete.

So my offer to you is that we
work as a team to build a middle man structure with you as the face of the
Partnership and me working from the back scene.

We are looking
at an opportunity that will enable us to make commissions as much as $5
per barrel from each monthly sale. The contract is for 800,000 barrels of
crude per month, which means that we will be making as much as $4 Million
every month for a total period of 12 months.

I have relevant
contacts within United Arab Emirates’ top echelon for award of crude oil
export licenses to any company or individual I present for this venture.
This is a great opportunity for us to become renowned players in the
global oil industry.

I will provide full details only after
receiving your response and confirming your interest.

My email
( )

Lung Berg Xia