Attention Beneficiary

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Attention Beneficiary,

Sequel to our board of directors meeting recently which your file was
reviewed that sometime ago in our bank, your inheritance fund was brought
to our bank and after some period, the fund was called back to World Bank.
For the period of time this money was in our bank, it generated an interest
of Seven Million Euros, which we considered your long suffering as we have
the idea that you have not received a single cent from your inheritance
fund rather you were left to pay for this or that fees due to corrupt
government and bad bank officials. We have concluded to pay you this Seven
Million Euros for your suffering.

Furthermore, due to the circumstances surrounding to transfer funds above
500,000.00 Euros around the globe, we have concluded plans to transfer your
money to you through online transfer as this is the recent method we having
been using to transfer funds above 500,000.00 Euros.

Lastly you should contact Mr Wallace.G.Hope (Secretay) for more
information’s and to reconfirm to him your personal information’s for
verification and processing.

CONTACT: Mr Wallace.G.Hope
PHONE: +22891262129


David Chase.
Assistant Director
Remittance Dept.