Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: PJMertens@earthlink.net

The World Bank 1818 H Street,
N.W. Washington, DC 20433 U.S.A.
Debt Release Funds.
Our Ref:-4C9X0UE3X0
Your Ref: 35460021
E-Mail: worldbnkgroups@instruction.com
Websites:https: https://finances.worldbank.org/

Attn: Sir,

In our efforts to foster global monetary cooperation secures financial stability and facilitates individual and company economic growth. The World Bank Group through our international monitoring network has recovered your UNPAID FUND of $5.5M that has been on hold. Be inform that the US$5.5M was approved in your favor from the Deposited US$2B budgeted by United Nations. We hereby advise you to reconfirm to this office officially if you are the person that instructed Mr. Smart Kevin from Canada to claim and receive the payment on your behalf before payment instruction will be sent to Citibank New York.

Please, you are also required to clarify the following immediately:
1. Is Williams Rogers your local representative?
2. Did you broker your fund to one Mr. Smart Kevin of Canada to claim, and receive the payment on your behalf?

3. Did you sign any “Deed of Assignment” in his favor, thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details to receive your fund?

Northwest trust Bank
One Oak Brook Terrace, Chicago, Illinois USA,
6023-13 76ABA ROUTING NO: 171000152,
A/C NO: 12 49819
A/C NAME: Titan Erectors,
Gerard V. Radice/Konzeng Agent

Finally, If you are not the one that instructed the above mentioned person to this claim, then kindly reconfirm your detail as stated below.

Your Full Name
Your Address
Your Telephone Number
Your Id
Bank Name
Bank Address
Bank Account,Swift & Routing Code
Account Name.

Note: The above information is necessary to certify that you are the rightful beneficiary of the said fund, as soon as we confirm this information as requested; our paying Bank (CITIBANK New York) will contact the receiver for immediate payment.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Paul Freeman
(Auditor General)