Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: osajiprince9@gmail.com


Dear Beneficiary the fact is that you can’t seem to trust anyone again
towards your approved beneficiary fund payment here just because of
what you have been in cantered with other peoples, but listen our
office cannot liar or deceive you, the US$390 you were ask to pay is
needed in your name to obtain your Fund payment Release Transfer
Clearance Certificate at the Bureau office here, the fee of US$390 is
clearly written to all the beneficiaries, our office did not invent
the fee to defraud you or anybody, it is an official Clearance
Certificate fee of your fund Release , and the good part of this, is
that after this fee you will receive your approved fund without any
body to disturbed you again over any kind of fee, you are hereby
implore to divulge to us on how you want your Funds enacted to you
from the below listed means of funds transfers.

1. ATM CARD: The funds will be loaded in an Automated Teller Machine
‘ATM Card’ and it will sent to you via DHL Courier Service for you to
activate it in any ATM Machine close to you and make sure you change
the Personal Identification Number ‘PIN Number’ to your preferred PIN
Number and start withdrawing your fund from any ATM machine.

2. CERTIFY CHEQUE: You will be sent a Certify Cheque via DHL Courier
Service to be taken to your bank or any bank close to you with
approved documentations that will come along with the Cheque, clearing
the funds to be paid to you with any form of Identification you
present to them.

3. TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT: Your funds will be transferred
instrumentally into your bank account through Key Telegraphic Transfer
and it will require you to present to your bank the funds transfer
documents that will we be sent to you before you will be allowed to
start withdrawal the funds from your Bank.

This is final, once our office receive the US$390 from you to obtain
your Fund payment Release Transfer Clearance Certificate at the Bureau
office here, the Certificate will present to the paying bank then the
paying Bank will release your fund to you without any delay. I don’t
want you to lose your fund this time, because you may never get such
good opportunity again,

The Federal Government of United State of America is keen and very
determined to pay all the beneficiaries overdue debts, this is not a
fluke, I don’t want you to lose your fund out of ignorance, I will
send you all your fund payment documents as soon as you send the
US$390 fee needed in your name to obtain your Fund payment Transfer
Clearance Certificate at the Bureau office here, you have to trust me
and our office here, you will receive your approved fund this time
around, find a way to send the US$390 you will not lose it, instead it
will bring your financial Breakthrough, find the US$390 and send it to
our office bursary.

Finally my advice is for you not to abandon this because of the
requirement of (US$390) the receiver is our office bursary is
available to receive the US$390 through our account officer

As soon as you get back to me I will send you information on how to
make the payment through our account officer bank details.


Dr. Richard Douglas
Department Of Treasury Direct-Account
United Nations Fund’s Remittance