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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: Stanleymartinsfinance@yahoo.com

Attention Funds Beneficiary,
Greetings from customer service desk,Brooklyn New York Branch of Bankof America,USA.
We decide to write you once again and be informed that this will bethe last notice regarding claim of your funds in the sum of $4.5Million abandoned in our custody since 2017.You should remember thatafter your diplomat in the year 2016 ,from Africa could not deliveryour package to you,he deposited the funds to this bank of America andtraveled back home while you,after sometime,abandoned it without claimeven after we asked you to forward your bank account details where wecould move it to,and make paltry payment of $105 then in 2016/2017 toenable is do so.
The govt.of Africa has made several efforts to compel us to repatriatethis funds back to them but we countered them on the ground that thisfunds belong to you because you have spent lots of money to bring itto the states.It is your money.
 The last and final decision taken in our last BOA board meeting lastWednesday is that,if you fail to reply this notice or fail to makeeffort to claim this funds,this bank of America will have no optionthan to repatriate it back .
You have 24/72 hours latest to reply to this serious and important notice.
Kindly send your reply to this E-mail ; bocustomer.deskdepartment081@gmail.comHappy New Year 2020 and remain blessed.RegardsDR STANLEY MARTINS