From Mr.Thabiso

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Many thanks for your feedback.Our investor seeks to work with an
individual like you who will promote the security

of his funds through sound investment in your country.

Base on recommendation that you are capable to manage this investment,
Then you will enter a fund management

agreement with us and thereafter, these funds will be handed over to you
for investments.

This implies that you will be assigned with exclusive rights to manage
the related funds and that we will depend on

you to provide investment advice and services and then execution of such
projects that you may deem credible,

including investing the funds in profitable area/Sector.

You will also have absolute responsibility to determine what locations
to invest and what guarantees best serves

the projects you adopt for investments. For these roles, the investor
has offered to pay you 10% of the investment


However, the height of your responsibility would be to ensure that
whatever project you decide to invest will be

viable enough to make profit at the end of the investment.

According to my client, The fund is available for investments and can
be released to you once all the paper work

is done.

Please advise your business profile in a returned email so we can
present a simplified working agreement for your

review and further discussions.

Best regards

Mr.Thabiso M. Mokoena