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Dear Sir or Madam

        Thank you for reading this email. My name is Julian. I'm from Jihong Medical Equipment Ltd. Shenzhen, China.

        We have more than 10 years of experience in China and international trade.We have a long-term cooperative relationship with Chinese factories.      
        The global epidemic is very bad. First of all, please pay attention to Protect Yourself and Family.
        If you are interested, please contact us, we can deliver goods at any time and anywhere.
        In order to get long-term cooperation, we set MOQ in a very low quantity, because we are directly purchasing from manufacturers.Please believe that we are professional and sincere.

Fast Reagent of COVID-2019. EXW 20$ Each Testing.

•CE Certification
•MOQ: Delivery for Trial Testing Kit Only 50PCs/2 Boxes.
•One blood, 10~15 minutes, you could know the result by yourself. Just like the HIV fast test reagent or pregnancy test kit.
•China has approved this technology in the Seventh Edition of Treatment Plan Of Covid-2019. It is Colloidal Gold Method.
Just let me know if you are interested in this product.

ICU Ventilator,Crius V6,EXW: 19000$ Each Set

•MOQ:10 SETs
•Electrial interface : Nurse call, USB,NET,RS232,VGA;
•Fully electronic control : manual breath,O2 therapy, standby, screen-look, expiratory hold
•Real time waveforms: Paw, Flow, Volume, EtCO2, SPO2
•CE Approved

ICU Blood Gas Analyzer System of Abbott i-STAT 1,EXW: 5699$ Each Set

•MOQ:10 SETs
•One STEP to testing Blood Gas
•CE FDA Approved

FFP2 Mask 50PCs in Box.EXW 1.75$ each Piece

•MOQ: 50 0000PCs
•FDA,CE Approved
Real 5-layer material, the best quality in the same kind of products. The Chinese government designates suppliers for export to Europe, and the Ministry of foreign affairs designates suppliers.

Medical Sugical Mask TYPE 2R,50PCs Each Box:EXW: 0.58$
•MOQ: 100 CASE (60000 PCs)
•TYPE 2R(Application in Operating Room)
•FDA,CE Approved

Valumax Medical Sugical Mask 50PCs Each Box: DDP:0.82$/Piece.ASTM LEVEL 2

•INCLUDE DHL  Postage and Customs Clearance Costs
•MOQ: 100 CASE (60000 PCs) Delivery.
•Include DHL Shipping Cost.Shipping to Anywhere.
•ASTM LEVEL 2,FDA,510K(Application in Operating Room)

Medical Surgical Mask 50PCs Each Box EXW 0.45$ Piece/22.5$ Box
•MOQ: 10 0000PCs
•FDA,CE Approved

Disposable Medical Mask.10 PCs Packed Separately. 5 Package in Box(50PCs)EXW 0.38$ Piece/19$ Box
•CE Approved
•MOQ: 10 0000PCs.

Protective Mask.10 PCs Packed Separately. 5 Package in Box(50PCs)EXW 0.32$ Piece/16$ Box

•MOQ: 10 0000PCs
•CE Approved Nelson Report

N95 | Famous Brand | ECO Solutions Mask ONLY:EXW 4.2$/Piece
•MOQ: 50Box(500PCs)

Disposable Medical Isolation Clothing :EXW 8$ Piece
•MOQ: 1 0000 PCs
•FDA and CE Approved

Waterless Antiseptic Handrub Gel(500ML) EXW 2.4$

•MOQ: 5 0000 PCs
•CE Approved

           In this  epidemic, we have served customers in more than 15 countries, providing them with high-quality products and appropriate prices.
           We have sold more than 10 million masks around the world, providing comprehensive protection for your family and children.    
   Please contact me,If you have any questions, don't hesitate, I will reply you ASAP.
           Looking forward to your reply and our first cooperation.

Sales Manager
WhatsApp:+852 5936 7250
China Shengzheng Jihong Medical Equipment Ltd.
China YiWu Siyan E-commerce Firm
Poctdiamedix Technology Co.,Ltd.UK

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