Bitcoin Investment/Mining

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.


In this time of COVID-19 pandemics Businesses are
shutting down and some persons are been relief of thier
work,it’s an economic trying time for the whole world.
And i must tell you without missing words that it’s still
the best time to be a millionaire when you are very very smart
cause it is the best time to investment. If you are very
conversant about how shares work you will see that most company’s
shares has gone down even the almighty bitcoin has equally has it’s
own share of it. Now that bitcoin has gone down a bit, i tell you it’s
the best time to buy,because as at the time i write this messages
the price of bitcoin was $4,864.67 to one bitcoin but right now it’s going up
to $6,385.40 to a bitcoin.So tell me why will you just be quarantine
when you can also make enough money at home.

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