Your Assist Is Required

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Attn: Dear.
Assalamualaikum & Your Assist Is Required

Am Abdullah Mishail Sadiq executive member of Syria government.I
believe you are aware of ongoing war in my country, our country is no
longer conducive for us. In my section of work I have a legitimate deal
that worth lots of funds ($3.800 .000.00 USD), but I reached you as
foreigner to claim it with my plans. With the trust I have on you I have
watched with keen interest as they will never know of this excess.I have
since, placed this amount of Three million Eight hundred united state
dollars s only($3.800.000.00 USD) only to an Escrow Coded account without a
beneficiary (anonymous) to avoid trace.
1. The sum of $3.800 .000.00 USD only will be transferred into your
nominated account after you have confirmed the transfer of your sum into
your account by telegraphic Transfer (T/T), conformable in 3 Working days.
I will fly to your country to meet with you for the sharing. The sharing
will go like this: 40% for you and 60% for me. if you are comfortable with
this my dear friend you can get back to me with your details.

2. This deal must be kept secret forever, and all correspondence will
be strictly by email / telephone, for security purposes.

3. There should be no third parties as most problems associated with
your fund release are caused by your agents or representative. If you AGREE
with my conditions, l advise you on what to do immediately and the transfer
will commence without delay as I will proceed to fix your name on the
Payment schedule instantly to meet the three days mandate. kindly indicate
your interest by sending an email back to me.
Best Wishes

S Abdullah Mishail