Yours very very sincerely Miss Regina James

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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DearCompliments and how are you today.Sincerely speaking the truth is that I saw your email through the internet and prayed to God so that he can touch your heart to assist me.I am 25 years old single girl.I want you to assist me to invest the sum of five million euros being money inherited from my father before his death.My fathers relations want to kill me because of this money as i am in a hideout right now.the money is legitimately acquired free from drug,arms deal,terrorism,money laundering.I have the documents to buttress my point.I shall send you more details if you show your willingness to assist me.I shall give you 20% of the total sum as your commission.Looking forward to hearing from you soon.God bless you.Yours very very sincerelyMiss Regina James