Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: Coris Bank

Coris Bank Int’l Group
Cotonou Benin Republic.
Notification of payment by atm card

Attention beneficiary,

We are hereby officially notifying you about the present arrangement to pay you your outstanding Overdue unclaimed approved inheritance fund through (Master Card),this arrangement was initiated/constituted by the European Union and the World Bank due to fraudulent activities going on around the world. The World Bank introduced this payment arrangement as to enable all beneficiaries to receive their funds without any interference, this atm cards are powered by the Leading MasterCard company worldwide. Please note that what we will be sending to you is an CCEI Bank Master Card which is accepted at over 900,000 atm centers in over 193 countries worldwide,this CCEI Bank Master Card will be loaded with a total sum of $1,250,000.00USD (One Million Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars) which is the total amount due to you for payment now and after this one is cleared another will be paid in until your total funds and completely paid out.

In line with the withdrawal procedure of this Atm Master Card, Your MasterCard will allow you to withdraw large quantities amounts of ($18,000.00USD),each day and you can also make a transfer from your MasterCard to any of your bank account without paying any transfer charges no matter the amount you want to transfer until all the funds are exhausted. Your Master Card shall be delivered to you and the delivery shall be done by Federal Express courier service and the charges associated with the delivery are $155USD and will be paid upfront to enable the processing of your atm card delivery. The package is coming from Cotonou republic of Benin and therefore, the fee must be paid to benin by beneficiary to the courier company to enable them process your delivering. in view of this, you are advised to contact the director (IBB, IRD, and ATM) Dr.JohnPaul Daniels for further information with the following contact.

Contact Person: Dr. JohnPaul Daniels
Coris Bank Int’l Group Plc

Reconfirm the following information to him for security reason
1) Your full name:……………….
2) Your receiving address:………..
3) Your telephone number:…………
4) Your profession:………………

The One Hundred and Fifty five dollars is the last and only fee associated to this delivery of your package, so we urge you to cooperate as instructed and receive your package.

Best regards,
Mrs. Doris Jones
Secretary Coris Bank Int’l Group