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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:


* I have sent you the message earlier, but your failure to respond has
prompted me to resend it again. I am Mr. Ruben Brandon, the branch manager
of BANQUE ATLANTIQUE LOME TOGO. I’m contacting you in respect of our
deceased customer lady Margalit.*

*She passed on with her only child in an auto accident and left no one to
claim her fund for past years now and the Lome Togo financial converters
wants to confiscate this fund as abandoned fund and I want you to stand in
as the new beneficiary to her fund worth £6.1 Million pounds in our bank
here in my country, I’m her personal account manager and as we progress on
the transaction, every back up document that will be needed in this claims
shall be procured in your name and favor.*

*Source of fund, She inherited the fund from her late husband who was an
industrialist and Oil magnate before he died. Indicate your interest to
receive the transfer of (£6, 1 Million Pounds) 45% for me and 45% for you
and 10% will be given to the Charity Organization to support the poor.*

*I can make you Inherit the fund if you give me your maximum co-operation.*

*I need your urgent response to help me give you more details.*

*With Respect*

*Mr. Ruben Brandon,*