Gooday Beneficiary Owner,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:


I have tried to reach you several times already in the concerning the situation of your true fund status amid rampaging scammers activities in Africa, I am forwarding this notification and hoping to get a response this time. Some arrested fraudsters had confessed imposing Banks/Delivery Company/IMF/FBI/Western Union/Money gram/Diplomat Agents/ and others imposed offices around the World especially in Africa and your info is with them. We were told they have requested fees after fees for documents from most of their victims. The corruption and illegal cyber crime activity mainly from Africa literally overruns Europe, America and Asia massively. Such evil finally blocks all efforts to create a trustworthy climate for internet Transactions. Citizens are threatened, lied unto and ripped off their very last little money. As recently shown on European television with hidden camera were entire Internet SCAM cafes in Cotonou Benin Republic, where people were occupied with illegal Intern
et crime activities indiv

We are working with the Anti Cyber Crime Africa and we like you to know that the people you have been dealing with are all impostors operating from different part of Africa and the World. You find it very easy sending your personal information to any emails claiming they have fund approved in your name and you have not made true inquiry before you start dealing with them and as a result your info is on the internet and that gives these fraudsters easy access to flood your email with scam emails on daily basis. We want to ask, have you been able to find out why you receive all kinds of emails daily claiming it have funds for you? Have you really inquired from the right office in West Africa to know if there is actually any true approved fund? If there is any fund awarded in your name at all? Or do you believe anybody that contacts you and says they have fund for you. So be careful even when you are contacted from UK, USA and other parts of the World. Authorities are working hard to as
sist and protect people l

Note: For every money you have sent out, The International Police & The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network are taking records and monitoring information for possible financial crimes because that is the only way they combat domestic and international money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes in US and Canada, some of these scammers are big time human traffickers, drug peddlers and involved in all sort of crimes. the Interpol are monitoring possible financiers for these criminals in America, Asia and Europe. Also you must be protected from these scammers because once you have been scammed, you will continue to be their target. the only way we protect you is ensuring you keep communication and alert us once you have been contacted so we can investigate for possible scam. the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury that collects and analyzes information about financial transactions in order to c
ombat domestic and intern

If we make inquiry, we are going to find out the status of your only approved scammed victims compensation

Best Regard
Albert L Rivera.