Good day, beloved

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Good day, beloved

I’m Mr.Gustave Golf Anthony, UNITED NATION has agreed to Compensate
people involved in any unfinished business with AFRICANS (SCAMMERS)
with the sum of 2.5 Million dollars.

Through our task force team we recovered all FILES containing
CONTRACT FUNDS and UNCLIAMED FUNDS i.e any business involving

Through that we got your names and details stating that you were
involved years ago, yet uncompleted. (SCAMMED)

But this morning we just got a shocking news and email from one MR
FRANK, who claim to be your older brother and also one Mr RICHARD, who
claimed to be your family attorney, they said you died last month in a
motor crash:

Please confirm in your return mail if truly you’re alive with your
personal details as stated below;

1: You’re Scan Passport/Identity Card

2: Marital Status and Age and Occupation

3; Direct Mobile Number:

Send your personal details in your return email to our USA Head Office.

Name: Mr Micheal Rice

E-Mail :

Direct Mobile : +14152869773

Mr.Gustave Golf Anthony