Funds Transfer Remittance Advice.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Your attention,

We confirm the receipt of a Funds Transfer Remittance Advice from the
Central Bank of Nigeria on January 10th, 2020,to carry out a direct
swift transfer of US$10.5Million in your favor.

Sequel to the several cancellations so far recorded with this
transaction and in accordance with the provisions of the contractual
disbursement Agreement existing between our Bank and the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.

We have been mandated to release the entire contract sum together with
the accrued interest into your nominated bank account However, we are
finding it difficult to reach your bank for a successful transfer of
your fund as we have double bank account information Could you
reconfirm your accurate Bank details and contract details for onward
remittance of your fund?

Yours sincerely

Wolfgang Tracht
Chief Operating Officer
LGT Bank (Schweiz) AG, Zürich
Glärnischstrasse 36,
8027 Zürich, Switzerland