Extremely Important and Urgent

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: barr.paulheywood@gmail.com

Good Evening,

Please this email is about your Millionaire brother, a citizen of your
country who happened to be one of the clients I worked, he was an investor
with ING Bank here in Australia because in 2014 he went to the Bank to
engage in business discussions with a huge financial portfolio which he
wished to have the bank turn over (invest) on his behalf. I was the legal
consultant assigned to his case. The bank turned the funds-around various
opportunities and made attractive margins for they first years of
operation. In mid 2016, My client asked that the monies be liquidated for
onward transfer because he needed to make an urgent investment requiring
cash payments. I undertook all the processes and have the bank liquidated
the fund , and that was the last time we heard from him. Please contact me
immediately for all the details. It is extremely important you get back to
me as fast as you can.

Best Regards

Advocate Paul Heywood.
Principal Attorney:
Heywood & O’Leary Family Lawyers.