Contact Western Union Agent.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:


This is to inform you that your payment of $2.5 Million USD will be send to
you via Western Union Money transfer.The total amount mentioned above is with
Western Union outlet and you will send the money via Western Union to you.Note
they will be receiving $5000 every day. Therefore I want you to email Mr. Kevin
Anthony the Western Union supervisor and ask him to give you the MTCN number
you need to pick up the first $5,000 today.

Call Mr. Kevin Anthony now and ask him to give you MTCN number and every other
information you need to pick up your $5,000 contact him with this web-mail
address:( telephone.+229-90646509 Contact person Mr.Kevin
Anthony, Here is what he may require from you..

Your Receiver Name.
Your Country…..
text Question…..

Your total amount with him is 2.5 Million SD,ask him what you need to do to
enable them validate your account file.please indicate this code (000XT) to
Western Union agent so that they will know that you’re the right person.

Mr. Edwin Aja