Attention:Beneficiary ,Transaction In Progress Updates

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Immediate Release Of Your Funds Worth US$15 Million

Attention:Beneficiary ,Transaction In Progress Updates

I heard all you said, I and board of directors has decided to
delivery your fund which I have a financier who is from the United
States as well from Florida to be precise. He is ready to finance the
business but you will give him %20 of the total.

The requirements are:

You will apply for the loan which is $500 only, I will help you take
care of that for you, Also your current cell phone number needed……….
You will also provide a bank account business account , and all the
online access of the said bank account, ……. After that every loan
you need for this transaction will be available in your account within
48 hours A copy of your ID front and back and your transaction will
be completed.

More so, if you are not satisfy with these options then you have to
come down here and process your transaction yourself as all the
guidelines you need will be provided to you. I am looking forward in
hearing from you as quick as possible.

We anticipate your rapid/quick response.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Adebayo Adelabu,
Deputy Governor,
Central Bank of Nigeria.
(For Accounts Dept).
Authorized and regulated by Financial Services Authority
Cell+234-708-455-4511 call at anytime.