Your Long Over Due Payment By First Texas Bank USA

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Esteemed Customer ,

Welcome to First Texas Bank – USA, we are socially responsible
organization,providing banking and membership services to individuals,
companies, trade unions, charities, credit unions and membership
organization sectors. We listen to and understand what our customers
want and have developed a service which offers a wide range of

At First Texas Bank – USA, our aim is to make a real difference to
people’s lives. Your privacy are of utmost importance to us. We take
many steps to protect your information ranging from secured networks
designed to prevent unauthorized activity through to advanced use of
encryption technology. we spend time getting to know your
organization; gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, aims and
plans for the future. Only then can we work closely with you, ensuring
that you enjoy all the support and assistance you need – every step of
the way.

One of our key objectives is to provide value for money banking for
all of our customers. That means delivering a wide range of services
that can be tailored to your exact needs, including the smooth
transfer of your banking to First Texas Bank – USA,Your details has
been forwarded to us earlier by the IMF and FBI declaring you as a
beneficiary to receive the total sum of $10,500,000 USD (Ten Million
Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars).

Upon receipt/verification of your payment file, The transfer of the
total funds ($10,500.000.00 ) will be made to you through two
option,we pay directly to your account as the beneficiary to the
funds,in any part of the world.Note that you shall be responsible for
the cost of transfer as the total funds was deposited in a fixed
deposit account and thus insured in its full value.The insurance
policy will not permit the management of first texas bank to deduct
from the total funds.This is why you should be responsible for the
cost of transfer as the beneficiary to the funds.

The other option is that you setup an account with us to enable us
transfer the total funds directly into your new account,with
charges.Though, the new account must be activated to be able to
transact large amounts to avoid breaching any existing money
laundering regulation. The accounts usually must have minimum opening
deposit to enable activation and in consonance with the circular from
Central Dollars Funds Regulatory and Deposits Status now in force.

To open an account we shall send you our account application form upon
your request and you should be aware that the funds you will sending
to activate your account will be credited into your new account, which
still belong to you been the adherent to the account.

Thanks for choosing to bank with us.

First Texas Bank USA
Contact Person:Mrs.Wendy Louis,
E-mail: OR E-mail:
Phone#:(214) 469 378-4741. Text message only.