Letter of humanitarian appeal,at age III!

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Call for goodwill, compassion, wisdom and human solidarity!

Dear [Name, Position in company],

With your permission, I present the letter of appeal, which I ask you to read to the end,

My name is Grigoras Vasile aged 69 from Romania and I write this letter of humanitarian appeal and a short story about my medical case, in the hope that I will find your understanding and support. After I suffered a serious stroke 20 years ago when I was urgently admitted to the Constanta County Hospital at the neurology department where I was saved and treated by a wonderful neurologist doctor, but as time passed my health deteriorated. because of the complications that have arisen lately. I point out that after I suffered this stroke I had to and always have to undergo improvement treatment in order to maintain the state of health given that the strokes cannot be completely cured. Due to this situation I was medically retired with a very low income that cannot cover the daily expenses and the needs for the permanent treatment needed. Even more painful is the fact that after I became ill I could no longer work and under these conditions the incomes decreased considerably for which I became in difficulty.

Now my life is in danger and the only hope I have is in people with kindness in the soul who want to do a good deed, just as I think you are. The difficult situation I am going through caused me to write to you and ask you if you can give me a drop of hope, a helping hand. I do not have anyone with possibilities to help me overcome these major difficulties and yet I want to live, if you have a good heart, help me. This is a short true story about me and my struggle with illness and poverty. Further details about the pension income and the medical diagnosis that brought me to this precarious situation can be found in the retirement file submitted to the County House of pensions in Braila Municipality. The bank and the account number where you can donate as much as you want are: BCR, Concordia Braila Branch, Romania: RO90RNCB0801113707800001; SWIFT: RNCB RO BU. Hoping you will help me and thanking you in advance for the opening, I am waiting for a response from you.
With gratitude and respect,
Grigoras Vasile
E-mail: vasile.grigoras1951@gmail.com
P.S. I am optimistic and I hope that there are still generous people willing to support me financially in my efforts as I think you are. If you would like to find out more details about my case, I will be available with answers to your questions. Once again I thank you with all my heart!

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