Hi Dear, How are you and your family today?

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Germany is home to 3 million people from your region and we use to have over 7million people from your region as tourists every year because of our hospitality.
A client of mine from your region died two weeks go as he was taking his morning bath.

I saw your email address written in his dairy when we are searching for his relations in USA.
He has lived in Berlin for 20 years since 1998 and he is from your region.
He entered Germany legally through Berlin Airport.
His visa expired on March 20TH 2000 and he has been living in Germany without legal document.

We did contact your embassy here for information concerning any of his relations and they checked with their database and
replied us that they do not have any relation of his they can contact hence my contacting you.

The autopsy report had just been released by the office of the internal affairs.
He died as a result of a head injury after he slipped in his bathroom.

He has no wife and children here we can contact hence my writing you this letter.
He was a business man and an investor here before he died.

I have some classified information on this CLIENT and that is the reason why I am contacting you.
I shall tell you more about this my client when you reply to my email.

This is a very serious information and you must treat this very urgent.

I hope to hear from you soon

With brotherly greeting

In Friendship, Love and Truth

Robert Baca
Noble Love Grade 27.02.

Senior Vice President
Athena Best Financial Group
Fasanenstra├če 85, 10623 Berlin, Germany
Tel/Fax +49 30 / 330066-444.

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