From Mrs. Hannah Brown

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Calvary Greetings,

I really apologize for any inconvenience this message may cause you.
Please, I want you to read my message very well to allow you to understand
the purpose of this email.

First, my name is Mrs. Hannah Brown 62 years old. I am a businesswoman from
Luxembourg, I was diagnosed with cancer. At this time, I have only few days
to live before I die, according to medical experts. The truth is that I
have not lived my life particularly well, since I never cared about anyone
(not even myself) but my business. Please, I want you to read my message
very well so that you can understand everything perfectly clear.

Despite being rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people
and only focused on my money and business, since that was the only thing
that mattered to me. But now I regret all my previous actions and attitudes
towards people and I am willing to make an amendment, which is the purpose
for which I am sending this message.

It is very clear that I will not survive this disease according to medical
experts, As I said earlier. I am donating the sum of Five Million US
Dollars to you for investment and charity foundation that I want you to
establish in my name. The purpose is to use the money to help the orphanage
homes widows and less privileged in the society. I realized that all that
glitters is not gold. There is more in life than trying to earn all the
money in the world. You may be wondering why I choose you for this charity
project but someone has to be chosen, Love is the greatest gift that God
gave to us which we must show to one another. I cry day and night for my
past mistakes and this is the main reason i want you to carry out this
project on my behalf as the way to correct my past mistakes.

I want every necessary process to be concluded as soon as possible due to
my deteriorating state of health. So if you are willing to assist me to
carry out this charity project: let me know:

Mrs. Hannah Brown