Attn: Funds Beneficiary.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Attn: Funds Beneficiary.


Direct Payment Memo From Mr.President General Muhammadu Buhari.

With my record here since my inaugurations as the President and
Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces Of The Federal Republic Of
Nigeria i have find out that your outstanding
Contract/Inheritance/Lottery funds has not being released nor paid to
you by the former Government of Dr.Good Luck Jonathan due to
corruptions which is very endemic in the last regime hence that is my
focal point as i have to rid this Country of Corruptions,after due
scrutiny by the transition committee which i set up that submitted
their report to me last week indicates that you have not being paid
and this is the conditions given to me by the G7 Government which i
attended the meeting in Germany before their will attend to my wish as
i submitted to them which one of them is Debt forgiveness to enable me
carry out the functions of this new Government effectively.

as soon as i hear from you i will inform you the process and what you
will need to do before i will give a Presidential Instructions for the
immediate transfer/payment of your due funds to you and this will be
done through normal Government payment process through my office,
Finally once i hear from you i will give you my direct coded telephone
number where you can be reaching me directly for security reasons and
specially with any interceptions by my aids and personal assistants,
furnish me with every of your details that will help me in your
payment,note that you will SIGN and ENDORSE with your Signature the
original HARD COPY DOCUMENTS of your Payment Release Bond (24 COPIES)
page by page which by my record you have not done before now hence
that is the normal Government process of Paying such huge sum of fund
the sum of $10.7Million to beneficiaries,this was not done by the
former corrupt Government as that is the requirement for your payment.

Account Holders Full Name
Your Bank Name
Bank Address
Bank Account Number
Bank Fax/Telephone
Beneficiary Address
Beneficiary Direct Phone Number
Beneficiary Occupation
Beneficiary Identification card/ drivers license, Etc

Contact the Paying Bank with this email
address,( ) with your complete information
as listed
above so your funds will be released to you with 48hour5s you respond.

Sincerely Yours,

President Muhammad Buhari,
President And Commander In Chief,