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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Attn Beneficiary,

Ref-; Delivery of Consignment

Please, be advice that your $2.5Million USD transfer payment has been instructed payment to your beneficiary due new arranged development as per the Board Executives of the Banking authorized. The new arrangement stipulated that your entire fund authorized amount will be packaged as consignment and shall be delivered to your address home via Diplomatic Courier Company. It will interest you to work with me for swift transaction done within few working days to get your consignment delivered to your address home via Diplomatic Courier Company that has all legal immunity delivery of consignments without any problems of interceptions.

Furtherance, to effectively register your consignments via the Diplomatic Courier Company, you are hereby required to provide the following information’s thus-;

Beneficiary recipient Name
Present Residential Address
Cell Telephone
Reply to this email.

Best Regards,
Mr. Ima Adam