Hello My Dear, Please read my massage,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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My firm is a full service financial and investment
consultant/management law firm based in Spain., with expertise in
litigation and business law and a strong consumer focus in family
wills and estate, and personal injury law. We provide legal services
to prominent individuals and families in Spain.. and abroad,
including leaders in banking and financial sectors, political office
holders and private international businessmen. We represent personnel
in financing, corporate transactions and commercial litigation as well
as in corporate reorganizations and bankruptcies.

My client, Engr. Abidin Borgeson, was an oil contractor to the Libyan
government under the regime of late Col. Muammar Gaddafi. He lived in
Spain.. for twelve years; he died on the 4th of May 2016 here in
Spain.. after several years he suffered with lung and bronchial

Before his demise, he deposited the sum of 78.9 Million Euros), with a
financial institution here in Spain..

Here in Spain, there are yet about Euros1.6 billion unclaimed money
sitting in banks and security companies, of which Engr. Abidin
Borgeson’s money is part of, as there has been no owner-directed
activities on his money since his death.

The financial institution being aware of his death has mandated me to
present a member of his family or heir to make claim of his fund
otherwise it will be confiscated by the authorities as unclaimed. This
is accordance with the Spain. financial laws. This law often creates
an avenue for the top bank officials to divert such funds for their
own selfish use. On that ground, I decided to search for any of my
late client’s relative which has proved abortive as he did not make
any WILL.

In effect, I will like to stop my search and present you as his
closest living relative for this claim. The money concerned is big,
and having spent a lot of time and money in the long search, I want to
stop from further incurring of costs. Between you and me, I believe
that it will be wise to reclaim this money and make judicious use of

My shortcomings are that I cannot do the claiming myself with without
presenting someone who live abroad. But with the present situation of
this money, to claim it doesn’t necessarily require you to be a bloody
member of his family. As I have the original documents of the deposit
with me, I can present you to the financial institution to claim the
fund, since I still have some days to present the heir. I want to
quietly claim this money with you and make good use of it on equal
basis, as long as you will not betray my effort after working for it
to be released to you.and before we start the claim we are going to
sign MOU first to hold our self,

To proceed with the application, I will link your SURNAME in the
presentation letter I will make to the financial institution as the
heir to the fund. But the presentation will not be legible without a
copy of any genuine document that reflects your surname on it. You
will have to scan your identification and email to me as attachment.
Your current address and personal contact phone number will be needed
in my letter of presentation to the bank. If they respond and approve
the claim, the money will be invested appropriately on the basis of
equal, mutual interest. But if the application is rejected, there is
no legal implication other than to leave the claim and the fund goes
away to our government as unclaimed.

Following my explanations, and as someone in this field of business,
applying for this money does not mean that the company will release
it. But since the bank has given me the directives to search for a
possible heir to the fund, it is a trial worth making, in hope that
the money will be released. My only advice to you is to keep it
strictly private between the two of us until we have the money in our

If you can send the information I asked for after going through this
email, it will be in our favour to make the presentation before the
deadline runs out. Upon receipt of your response, I will send
documents of the transaction to you.


Mr..Issa Bello.
financial and investment consultant Manager