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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:


I want to inform you that I contacted another person from China who assisted me to conclude the transaction, the bank has done the transfer, presently I and my partner travelled to China for investment.

I discussed with my partner that you assisted me in the past, although we were not able to complete the transaction, I cannot forget your past assistance, I and my partner agreed to reward you for your past effort by offering you a bank certified international Bank Draft cheque of $550,000.00 as your compensation for your effort in the past.

I am presently in China arranging some business investments and i am very busy.

I want you to immediately contact my Pastor and he will inform you on how best to send the Draft bank certified cheque to your address for you to receive the money, the contact email address of the Pastor Philip Harry is:(

I wish you all the best and my regards to your family.

Best regards,
Mr.Roderick Williams.