Urgent Donation from Mrs Lynda Banny

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: lynda133e@yahoo.com

Dearly Beloved,
Good Day,
I hope this mail meets you in a very good health condition.
My name is Mrs Lynda Banny, a widow suffering from Cancer.
Please I have an urgent Donation of $3.2Million to make through you for Charity Foundation, please if you are interested and capable to handle this project as I am going to direct you, please kindly reply me with your private email to enable us to discuss privately.
When I receive your reply, I will give you all the details about this Charity project.
I am waiting for your urgent reply.
Remain blessed
Sincerely your Sister
Mrs Lynda Banny
Reply Email: lynda_001982@yahoo.co.jp