Spam Beneficiary’s Claim

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: info@beg.local


Your details was found in the computer data of the Internet Fraudstars
apprehended by FBI in California as one of their victims, as a result of
this US Government has decieded to compensate you with the total sum of
$2,000.000.00 as one of the beneficiary’amonsgt other beneficiary’s benefiting
from this programme, this is out of the $6Billion Dollars recovered from them.

In line with the directives of the US Goverenment to compensate all victims
in any part of the world whose data was found in their computer database
with the sum of $2,000.000.00. A special arrangement has been made with the
EH National Bank for swift Disburement of the funds to their respective
recipient, as a result you are required to contact EH National Bank and
collaborate with them for the swift payement of you funds.

You are further advised to contact the paying bank with your details through
their contact information below:,

Contact Person: Mr. Joseph Melocchi

Thank you.

Sue Washsington.
US Federal Reserve System.