Hello Dearest

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: monicarobert4all@yahoo.co.uk

E-MAIL: mariannebandama1@gmail.com

Receiving this message might sound as a surprise to you, please do
accept it as a blessing from God made possible through a woman with a
good and sincere heart towards the poor orphans. Through these
millions will be positively touched as with God nothing is impossible.
I have this strong desire to help the poor orphans suffering each day,
but this dream cannot be realized as a result of my health, which does
not improve, hence I do not know whether I will survive having
undergone different surgical operations, which has kept me
hospitalized. Right now, life gives me no choice, but to answer the
call (death); my prayers each day is to have a place in Heaven. I have
suffered a lot as a result of this incurable sickness (terminal
cancer)! Above all, I do not have a child as a result of my sterility.

The only help I need from you at this point is to be in constant
prayers with me as I believe you have an open heart towards the poor
orphans and do believe in GOD. I would be so much happy to see that my
funds (4.8 Million USD) are properly used to help the less privileged
etc before leaving this world as this will be a great relieve for me
and my soul. This is a huge responsibility, but I pray that God gives
you the strength to handle it. You will also be highly compensated.

Once I get your reply, I will put you in contact with the institution
in charge of the transaction in order to start all necessary
so as to enable you to have possession of my funds as soon as possible
before my next surgical operations.

I looking forward to reading from you.

Mrs Marianne Bandama