Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: nur_mad@ub.ac.id

Hello Dear, How are you today, I`m glad to inform you that I have
succeed on transferring money through a helper of the funds remitted
direct to her bank account with Bank Of America. BOA.

I came to prove you wrong of all your negative though and your
doubts on me. i was given you some test of faith on our last business
transaction, but you failed due to lack of patients and trust.

However My conscience is very clear with you. I like to do business
deals with you.And it is because of the good business relationship
that we both had together that did nt work out again the way we both
planned. And now i have decided to compensate you with sum of money
for you to know that am who i said i am in the first place. I owe you
no apologist of any disappointment, i didn`t hurt you. It was you who
brought this separation between You and I because you never believe in

Finally I did appreciate your time with me so far, your encouraged,
and other assistance from you try to make our business deals work
out.and I have decided to compensate you with sum of
$150,000.dollars, to please your heart and make you to understand
everybody is important in life.I did`t want you to lose everything
you have spent in our business deals in the pasted. but you can use
that money to buy something very special for your self, and also to
remembering me in your heart always.

I drop the Cheque to Rev Sister Anna Wilson, she is a Reverend Nurse
working with an orphanage Parish Hospital. I drop the Cheque on your
name to send to you. Presently I and my family are flying back to
California This Evening, and don’t forget that I offered you this
money and I never want My wife to know about it. When you received
the money, use it to buy your self a some gift for your self.

Contact the Rev Sister Wilson she will send you the Cheque. Contact
her by her Email annwilson.786@gmail.com

make sure you write to her email immediately you read this message so
she will post the cheque to you. I might not be always responding to
your email because of my Wife, but always write to me so if i check my
email I will read and reply to you alright.
Bye for now.