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Any needs for electronic components we can support you recently?
We are good at following brands:
ICs: Altera, Xilinx,  Microchip, TI, Micron, ST, AD, NXP, Maxim
MLCC capacitors and resistors: Murata, Samsung, Yageo, TDK, AVX, Kemet , Vishay

Following are some of our Yageo hot offer for your reference:

RC0805FR-07107KL   5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.001usd
RC0805FR-071KL       5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.001usd
RC0805FR-071ML      5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.001usd
RC0805FR-07220RL   5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.001usd
RC0805FR-0782KL     5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.001usd
RC0805JR-070RL       5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.0008usd
RC0805JR-07100RL   5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.0008usd
RC0805JR-0710KL     5K/R   YAGEO   2018+   0.0008usd

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