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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

I am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approaching you for this vital business, but I plead your attention to this urgent need. I am Mss. Elena Gorbunova, wife of late Mr. Boris Berezovsky the former Russian government official and businessman.

My late husband, who passed on March 2013, was a successful businessman who was granted asylum in United Kingdom till his death. The U.K government did many bad things to my husband finance.

Boris Berezovsky’s lovers fight on for his missing millions – Telegraph – The Telegraph – Telegraph Online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph – Telegraph
Boris Berezovsky’s lovers fight on for his missing millions Court-ordered payout to lawyers of dead oligarch Boris Berezovsky gives new hope to the many creditors queuing for remnants of his £1 …

The U.K government policies became hard for my husband (Mr. Boris Berezovsky) and prompt him of danger ahead. On that we started private bank Equity to prevent total family bankruptcy because of U.K ill treatment to my late husband wealth.

I contact you because my husband was now label a debtor to U.K government Tax and individuals; even my late husband first wife has taking a swift step in working with U.K government trying everything to turn my late wealth.

I need confidential partnership for £27 million investment in your country immediately. This money will be move from my late husband private equity and I will send my representative to perform the deed of the investment in your country. Your share will be deliberate upon. Your share will be deliberate upon.Your share will be deliberate upon, reply to my private email:

Thanks and Have Blessing of Almighty
Mss. Elena Gorbunova