HI, 04/09/2019.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: oarthure@gmail.com

I am Ahmed Ibrahim personal aid to ousted Sudan president Omar AL-Bashir. I have emailed you earlier on without any response from you. I need your urgent co-operating to help claim 15M Euros entrusted in my care by Omar AL-Bashir trusted this very fund to me in a private bank and security Company for an arrangement to import Military weapons from United States of America.

I want to present you to the company where the fund is deposited in private bank and security company in Turkey, But the most important thing is trust in this deal once the funds are secured by you. The reason why I contacted you is because I am tired of staying here and I want to move out of Sudan secretly hence am trying to have you receive the funds on my behalf and there after from my share finance my coming to join you in a new identity,then start a new life.

I am looking forward to your kind reply.

Yours Faithfully,
Ahmed Ibrahim