Business Proposal

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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I am Gen. Frank from U.S. but i am working in Pakistan.i have been searching for a rightful person to assist me in this business till i came across your details, i have the sum of $16.7 Million US dollars that i want to move out from Iraq so quickly i want a good partner, someone i can trust and understand, some one with a good heart who can keep this money safe and secured without (letting the cat out of the bag) someone who will not telling his / her family or friends about this money for a security reasons.Though you maybe thinking that it will be a big risk to receive or keep this big amount of money but i want to tell you that it not risky because the money is legal (oil money) i am offering you 40% of the money for helping me to keep it then you will keep my own part safe till i come over to take it,sometimes you maybe wondering why don’t i send it to my account in U.S well, i would have loved to do that but due to on going new laws that was imposed by the new president so that is why i have decided to look for someone out side the country that i can trust for this legal business .i want you to know that this money can only be moved/deliver to you through diplomat service because i want to make sure it is being delivered straight to your door post, if you are interested please get back to me via email….. so that i can furnish you with more details. The Whole Process Is simple and You must Please Ensure Strict Confidentiality at all times……..Contact me on this email,