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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Monetary And Anti-Terrorist Crime Division
FBI HEAD-QUARTERS: J. Edgar Hoover Building 935
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20535-0001
United States Of America.
Greetings to you from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Monetary Crime Investigation Department. We are delighted to notify you that we have noticed through our Intelligence Monetary Monitoring Network (IMMN) that your APPROVED compensation funds have not reach you, due to bad and corrupt officers. So far, we have been able to arrest the officers involved and they are now under investigation. It may interest you to know that this Compensation Funds has been awarded to you and few selected Individuals from different part of the world, by the United Nations Financial Economic and Social Council. You are been compensated because your email address was on the list of scammed victims which we discovered from our recent arrest of some scammers, integrated with the fact that you have an adequate citizenship record with your government.
This mail is to enlighten and update you about the approval for the complete release and payment of your Compensation Fund to you by the FBI reliable genuine source. I am Executive Assistant Director AMY HESS, a vastly and highly placed FBI Officer. At our recent meeting held with the United Nations Financial Economic and Social Council, I was assigned to take responsibility of (20) lucky beneficiaries compensation Fund Remittance/Payment to them without stress or delay. So it is a pleasure to let you know that you are lucky to be among the list of individuals whose Compensation funds have been approved for payment under the stipulated guidelines of the United Nations Financial Economic and Social Council. We believe this Funds will be of a great help to redeem you from all the difficulties of life.
We are also delighted to apprise you that the total sum of US$2,500,000.00 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) have been approved for payment to you. This amount has been verified and processed by the Funds Remittance Unit (F.R.U) in your name and its now ready to be released/paid to you. BUT FOR YOUR NOTICE: Each beneficiary funds has been deposited into different fix account with the Bank Of America (BOA). In respect to this progress (i) an ATM DEBIT MASTER CARD has been issued in your favor and it is capable of withdrawing out the maximum sum of US$10,000 on a daily basis from your $2,500,000.00 US Dollar. Notwithstanding,(ii) the money can also be TRANSFERRED into your distinctive bank account or (iii) via CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT,(iv) the compensation payment can also be delivered to you in a LOCKED SECURITY SUITCASE CONSIGNMENT BOX. This are the four available method whereby we can easily remit your Compensation Payment of (US$2.5M) to you anywhere in the world.
Endeavor to read carefully and understand, so that we can arrange and submit your final paper works, in order to facilitate the immediate release/payment to you. Beware that the Insurance, Anti-Money Laundering fee and other governmental tax on your funds has been taken care off by the United Nation Financial Economy and Social Council. So all we need now is your personal information and details to proceed with the payout of your compensation funds to you, and also to complete the registration of your REMITTANCE CHOICE.
You are to pay the sum of $680 US Dollar required to complete the documentation process, for the release of your COMPENSATION FUND.
Kindly provide the requested details below.
* Full Name:
* Address:
* Home/Mobile Phone:
* Occupation:
* Age:
The above details is required to ensure the complete documentation of your file. So if you are seriously interested to claim and collect your legitimate compensation funds, which is almost overdue, then contact your active FBI correspondent & directing Special Agent Officer with his official confidential contact details below. You are advised to adhere and comply with the simple directives from his office on how your Compensation Funds of US$2.5M can be delivered or transferred to you in peace, without stress or any governmental obstructions.
Stephen Laycock.
Special Agent in charge (SAC)
Congratulations towards your effort in making this transaction a success. If you have received this official e-mail letter in your SPAM/BULK folder, that is because of the email maintenance restrictions implemented by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The (FBI) urge you to treat this genuinely and you are to keep this transaction strictly confidential, untill you are in full possession of your compensation fund. This is to ensure your saftey, and to avoid disqualification or termination of your claim process.
NOTE: All funds have been moved to the FBI over here in Washington D.C and that is why we are contacting you directly from here. So if you have been contacting anyone or office about your fund and it is not coming through, then you must put a FULL STOP to such communication/transaction. But if you are not contacting anyone then quickly claim your compensation funds today.
It was also agreed at the meeting that after releasing out this information to all lucky beneficiaries, whosoever compensation funds that will be found in the Compensation Award Financial Database waiting without claims after the submission of every payment awareness e-mailed letter, such funds shall be confiscated and forfeited back to the United Nations account within (120) working hours. This office and your correspondent special agent will be looking forward to hear from you. As soon as you receive this message, kindly write back with the required details and your preferred option of payment. Upon receipt of your details and payment option, you will be provided with payment details in order to remit the $680 US Dollar required for the complete documentation of claim process.
Yours Reliable & Trustworthy.
Executive Assistant Director: AMY HESS
Of The:
Cyber Crime & Anti-Terrorist Crime Division____(FBI)
FBI HEAD-QUARTERS: J. Edgar Hoover Building 935
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C 20535-0001
United States Of America.