Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Sir,

I have decided to contact you through this medium after reviewing your
honorable and reputable profile and it is my belief that with your
position as a professional in your sector/ Country, that you will be
in position to present us with solid investment opportunities in your
Country, sector and other areas of investment.

To be explicit, I am the PRIVATE FAMILY WEALTH MANAGER and I have been
mandated by the family of late Head of State whom I represent, to
solicit for your able hand in partnership towards the immediate
relocation and investment of their available substantial investment
funds in projects that you will nominate and propose in your Country
and it’s region.

And this brings me to ask if you will be interested in this mutual
Joint Venture Partnership investment transaction. You will have the
chance to confirm and receive the intended investment funds of the
late Head of State’s family through a prime Bank.

Your immediate response and consideration will be appreciated.

CALL ME ON PHONE: +44 1173267640