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ATTENTION abrakadabra1577@gmail.com,
I’m Mr John Kewell the Attorney to the West Virginia coal billionaire, Chris Cline 60-year-old & his 22-year-old daughter Kameron who was killed in helicopter crash on the Friday, July 5, 2019 as seen on the news, it’s my client wish to donate $16million to cancer research foundation all over the states, If you are convinced that you
could help within this matter of cancer research and support by being a volunteer donating the funds from my client around your local Communities, City and State to help make the world a better place for all.
You are eligible to own and have 15% of the total donation funds you disburse to your community,city and state as a field volunteer for my client as stated by him..
Please do contact me on the below information for further explanations;
Email attrnyjohnkewell@consultant.com
Cell: 786-548-0395
Attorney John Kewell