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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

United States Department of Justices.
Washington, D.C 20535-0001
Open – Closes: 10PM (GMT-4)

We bring you good tidings.

[1].  This confidential letter is in respect to a Conference Meeting in Washington D.C, on June 14, 2019. With the provision act of decree 114 of the 1999 U.S constitution. Held by the United Nations (UN) Secretary General / FBI President of Directors / the Attorney General, and Federal Ministry of Finance. Their primary objective is to empower Sufficient Indemnify Financial sum to few individuals, thereby empowering and assisting them to be able to contribute to their National Development Goals, Revenue Collection, Tax Payment and Community Protection etc. During this meeting, it was DECLARED that the 2017-2018-2019 wealth’s recovered from crack down on Corruptions, Crimes and Cyber Theft. Should be shared as Indemnification payment to some individuals. 

[2].  Thus, you will be interested to know that your E-mail Address have won you the total sum of Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollar ($950,000.00 USD) due to your E-mail Address was gotten, from an investigated Arrest mission of the FBI on some fraudsters that was caught in Ghana, Cotonou Benin Republic and Nigeria. They were sending fake ATM cards, fake cashier check and consignment box to their victims, during the arrest group of Email Addresses of defrauded victims was found. Thereof, the Secretary General of the United Nations, FBI Director and the Federal Ministry of Finance, decided to compensate the owners of the emails, fortunately your email address is among the payees.

[3].  After the Indemnification Agreement, the Donors/Benefactors discussed on the possible means of payment, and time availability to pay you the (950,000.00 USD). They finally concluded that all Compensated Indemnification shall be paid through HSBC Bank Draft. Hence, we’re delighted to inform you that arrangements have been concluded to effect your payment as soon as possible, in our bid to transparency. So your HSBC Certified Bank Draft is ready.

[4].  Therefore, you’re to contact FBI Special Agent Mr. MARK RUBEN, with his official contact details below, to guide and walk you through the process of receiving your (i) AFFIDAVIT for CLAIM certificate and your (ii) HSBC CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT worth sum of (950,000.00 USD). Those are the two particulars you must take to your bank, in order to get paid. The Certified Bank Draft is signed for an instant payment to you, at any of your Financial Institute (Bank). Hence, Special Agent Mr. Mark, will guide you to get your Bank Draft and Affidavit for Claim from our Associate Justice at U.S Supreme Court of Justice.

Mark Ruben, FBI Special Agent. 
FBI – Department of Justice. 
Fax :  (412) 346-6675

The below required datas should be provided to the SPECIAL AGENT for procuring your AFFIDAVIT and the HSBC Certified Bank Draft, which is already set to be issued to you;

             (i).  FULL NAMES:
            (ii).  HOME ADDRESS:
            (iii).  FAX & PHONE NUMBER:
            (iv).  AGE/GENDER/NATIONALITY:

[5].  Upon provision of the data required to the above email, you should expect to hear from the corresponding fiduciary FBI Special Agent Mr MARK RUBEN, within few working hours. With all due respect, hope you understand the content of this letter, and how you’ve benefit from the Sufficient Indemnification payment, paid & awarded by the he United Nations (UN) Secretary General Mr. António Guterres / FBI President Dr. Christopher A. Wray / Attorney General, and the Federal Ministry of Finance. 

[6].  Adhere with the instructions herein, and collect your HSBC Certified Bank Draft to get it cash out or paid into your account. This an International Financial Transaction with NO risk involve, and this transaction is 100% executed on a legitimate platform that protect you from any breach of Domestic or Intergovernmental law. Your mature response is expected, in order to facilitate and speed up release of your Certified Bank Draft which has been Signed/Approved for your payment within (7) working days.

Sincerely In Your Service;

FBI – SUPERIOR Ms. Donna Gwen.