I Need Your Help

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: alessandro.massano@giovannimaino.it

Good Evening Dear,

Please for security reasons acknowledge to my courier here : mweilala.botlengo@gmail.com if you are willing and interested.

My name is Mweilala Botlengo,

I was a servant of Mr. Rumen Til.

My boss Mr.Rumen Til was an European Citizen who was a Gold & Lime Stone merchant exploiting and

exporting Gold & Lime Stone in the interior villages around my country here.

Unfortunately, that black Friday 26 December 2003 my boss boarded a flight which he never made it.

Because the embassy could not contact his relatives, they came to the house and took over.

Paid me off and closed down the house. But in my room was a box that my boss told me to always keep safe in my room.

That box has been with me all these years until recently when I decided to open the box.

I discovered that it contains documents of the deposit he made and an accompany documents.

He deposited US$14, 500,000.00 in Lloyds bank Spain for investment abroad with the help of his foreign partner who he said is his Next of Kin.

I want you to work with me and claim the money as the foreign partner/Next of Kin because the Name and Identity of his partner was not mentioned in the Deposit Agreement. On your response I will give you details of the deposit and how we will claim the money.

I have copies of all documents relevant to this deposit.

I cannot claim the money directly because I was once his servant and people can testify on that.

I am not asking you to do anything illegal.

On your response I will give you more details on how we will claim the money legally.


Yours sincerely,
Mweilala Botlengo