Water, Sanitation and Hygeine Proposal

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Dear Sir/Ma,

Do not let this come as a surprise to you as my organization and I do a lot of philanthropic work and support a lot of good will project in Africa, Asia and South America.

I have one of such project that I am currently involved in, it has to do with providing solar powered borehole water, modern toilets and wash hand basins in schools in a local government area in Edo State, Nigeria. The details of the project is in the attached documents.

It will cost seventy two thousand five hundred dollars (72,500USD) to carry out the project in one school while it will cost Ten million Seventy seven thousand five hundred dollars in the entire 139 schools in the local government area.

I will appreciate it if you can support this worthy cause and let me know how many schools that you can adopt and sponsor the project in.

Video evidence and photographs (pre, intra and post) of the project will be sent to you and you and your organization will be acknowledged as the proud sponsor of the project.


Austin Edomwonyi

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