Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Sir/Ma’am,


Kindly give attention to this letter.

We have just recently confirmed that you have not received your fund as investigation have shown despite several attempts to claim your payment, and acting on the directive of IMF and World Bank, the Federal Government have through the Federal Ministry of Finance recommended your fund for payment and your payment file sent to UNITED NATION PAYMENT AGENCY (UNPA) in London through which you will receive your fund paid to you. IMF/World Bank, acting on petitions have directed that owing to so much fraud perpetrated against foreign beneficiaries, that UNPA takes charge of all outstanding payments away from participation of Nigerian Government officials.

Therefore your file is presently with the UNPA in London and you should contact them to be paid. On behalf of the Federal Government, let me inform you that there is no other office or person (his/her position in government notwithstanding) that is presently directly in-charge of your payment. Therefore you are advised in your own best interest to desist from making further contacts with anyone or office with regards to your payment. We have instructed all banks and government offices previously involved in your payment to stop forthwith and you are as well required to stop communications with them, unless you want to be defrauded.

This directive was equally extended to our offshore payment agencies previously in charge of your payment. So you will have to provide your complete details to UNPA. The Federal Government will not be liable for any loss of money should you defile this Presidential order, therefore we once again urge you to stop further communication with anyone outside UNPA, which is under the mandate of United Nations (UN). It is also very important to inform you that anyone informing you that they are in charge of your payment outside the UNPA must be doing that to defraud you, so continuing communication with such person(s) or office(s) is at your own peril. Find below contact details of the UNPA.

Mr. Antonio Borges
United Nations Payment Agency
U.N House, London-U.K

Be rest assured you will receive your fund this time as some others have equally received their payment.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. A, A Aradu
Director, Foreign Payment Investigative Panel (FPIP)
The Presidency
Federal Republic of Nigeria
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