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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Hello ,Compliment of the season and Remain bless.I know you must have
forgotten me since the transaction could not work out as expected by
both parties .Well I am same Mr David and hope you are doing very
great.Well I am writing this email to thank you for all your supports
both in advise and financial help to transfer the $10.5m out of my
country.I know it is not your fault rather the wrong story you may
have heard or may be it is not your luck to have it completed with
me. Well I got a friend from Japan who later helped out and we have
moved the money here in Japan.I did not forget you anyway so I gave
out ATM CARD of $500,000 to my secretary to keep for you so that
she can send it to you once you send her your postal address. Please
manage it and I will later communicate with you when I am less busy
since I and my friend who is now my partner here in Japan are setting
up business with the money. So email my secretary through her email
address so that she will send the money to you.Her name is Mrs Clems
Walters and her email address is [ ]
Thanks again and God be with us
Mr David Chucks