My name is Charles Biko 05.06

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

My name is Charles Biko, and I am the Director-General of Contracts Portfolio & Committee at a top government ministry in South Africa.

I would like to share this confidential deal and opportunity with you, with the hope that we can both work together for its success and mutual benefit. Our government ministry where I work, is currently profiling and processing payments to all their foreign contractors with accomplished contracts in the current year. I am proposing to use this great opportunity to add your profile to our ministry’s portfolio, for profiling and addition as one of their foreign contractors so that you can stand as a beneficiary to receive contract payment to the value of 25Million$.

It is within my authority as the DG of Contracts Portfolio & Committee in the ministry to lodge-in your profile for addition as one of our contractors and beneficiary of payment, regularize and approve vital paper works that will be accepted and approved by the ministry and its appointed paying bank. This will officially place you as the contract payment beneficiary. Our department will pay out this amount to you as a foreign contractor through allocation of funds to one of their international offshore banks outside South Africa. Therefore once the contract payment is approved on your name, the ministry’s appointed offshore paying bank will pay you the sum of 25Million$. This opportunity will be beneficial to both of us and I have worked out all modalities to secure a successful completion of the transaction.

Note that this is a deal and you do not require to possess any particular skill or profession. This transaction is 100% risk free and there are no risks or obligations for any unsuccessful profile addition. I guarantee that it will be executed under a legitimate arrangement without any breach of the law. Once your contract payment is approved and the transfer is completed to your account, I will travel to meet with you and we will share the funds in the ratio of 50% for me, and 50% for you as your commission. I urge for your full cooperation in this deal, and also to maintain an appreciable level of commitment and confidentiality, especially considering my position in the government ministry. The transaction will be done officially and in the most secure manner while observing all official and standard banking procedures.

If you are capable and can do this deal together with me, please send me a feedback to my private email address:

Upon receipt of your response declaring your interest and cooperation, I will provide you with further information and contact to expedite our communication. Should you be able to cooperate and assist to actualize this deal, please be kind to inform me as a matter of urgency?

Yours faithfully,

Charles Biko