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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Good Day,
Please I know you don’t know me but please hear me out and save my life.
My parents were traveling for a wedding ceremony in the northern part of the country and had a fatal accident. Both died!.

Since their death I have been getting all manner of bad treatment from his brothers. My uncle took all his properties and business. Their wives are even wearing my mom’s clothes and this makes me cry always.

The reason am writing you is because my dad’s bank refused to give me the money he had in the bank here which my name was put as the inheritor saying that I must reach 25 years before they give it to me unless older person stands for me and none of his brother know about this money.

Please I want you to stand for me, they will send you the money so I can come to your country and continue my education because if I stay more here they will kill me .

You will hold all the money, just be paying my school fees and feeding. I promise to  give you part of the money for your help
When you reply I will tell you the amount and we will discuss more for me to have more trust on you. I am 19 and the only child.

Joyce Christine Jerome
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