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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Greetings ………… ,

Thank you for answering me this time,

I was privileged to come across your contact through my personal check, Seeing your profile I decided that I should establish a communication with you, to help me and distribute a donation of $3.5.Million USD to the less privileged children and the needy in any part of your country.

I have been praying day and night for God to lead me to an Honest and Trust-worthy Organization or Individual who will carry on this humanitarian gesture as planned, not someone who will divert the intention of my decision into his/her personal business and i came in conclusion that you are the right person for me to carry on this Charity work after going through your personal profile.

I’m Mrs Shahla F.Kazima and I’m seriously ill for past 1 year now suffering from Breast Cancer and my present situations is getting worst almost every day.

That is why i came to you to make sure that this Charity work must be accomplished to fulfill my Late Husband’s wish.

I will be delighted to die peacefully if my desire is achieved by your help to make sure that this fund has been release to you, so that you will utilize it to help those less privileged children at the orphanage homes in your country.

What i need from now is your co-operation, understanding, trust, honesty and sincerity and I’m not doing anything non-transparent with you, and for this to take effect, I will like to have your data information’s, but that will be when you assured me of your complete honesty and Capability because of the value of the amount involved in this arrangement which I intend to entrust in your care.

Then i will forward your information’s to the BTCI BANK, i have already informed my late husband’s account officer concerning this fund and my plans towards the fund.


1. FULL NAME……….
2. AGE…………….
7. SEX…….

As soon as i get all this informations from you, then i will forward it to the BTCI BANK immediately without any further delay and i believe that the transfer will be made into your account.

Looking forward to read from you.

Best regard

Mrs Shahla F.Kazima

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